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Each student is allocated to a Dean when they start at Westlake Boys.

School is for the students and it is essential that their time at school is a happy and productive experience.
Deans assist and guide students through the challenging adolescent years, and empower them in working towards their goals.

Our aim is to encourage our students to achieve in whatever academic, cultural or sporting discipline they pursue.

In any community, standards must be established by which its members can work together safely and harmoniously. The rules of Westlake Boys High School are set by the Board of Trustees. These are designed to ensure that a culture of hard work, courtesy and respect for others is maintained. Acceptance of the school rules and discipline is a condition of enrolment.

The school believes in a discipline that is firm, yet fair and just. It is administered with consistency and understanding and the welfare of the whole school community in mind.

The Deans work closely with the Guidance counsellors, ensuring that personal or school-related issues are dealt with professionally and in confidence.

The Deans refer students to the Careers advisors in order to make informed choices with regard to their career pathways and tertiary study.

We encourage parents to contact the Deans if they are concerned about their son’s academic progress or behaviour.