Westlake Foundation

Westlake Foundation – Today Tomorrow Together

The Westlake Boys’ High School Foundation Trust was first established in 1992 to commemorate the school’s 30th anniversary. The intention was to establish an endowment fund that would, over time, future-proof the school’s academic, cultural, spiritual, social and physical well-being.

The purpose of the Westlake Foundation is to:

  • Protect the history of the school and ensure traditions are protected for future generations
  • Provide pupils of the school with resources to achieve a higher educational standard
  • Provide staff of the school with funding and resources that ensures Westlake students benefit from the best quality education available in New Zealand
  • Maintain communication threads so, as generations pass through the school, their links with and passions for Westlake continue
  • Create links between Westlake and its communities i.e. Old Boys, local business and social networks.
  • Generate wealth in the form of scholarships, legacies and endowment and bequest funds
  • Provide a physical presence of Westlake tradition within the school

The operational priority of the Foundation is to provide old boys, former staff and members of the school community with opportunities to contribute to Westlake Boys should they wish to. It is our vision that funds held by the Westlake Foundation amount to several million dollars within the next five years.

Contributions to the Westlake Foundation funds would be gratefully received. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please contact Director of Advancement, Ant Ford, for more information aford@westlake.school.nz

Foundation Initiatives

Six specific purpose funds have been established with the intention of providing members of the community to contribute towards the continued enrichment of all opportunities offered at Westlake. These funds include:

  • Westlake Endowment Fund
  • Building and Infrastructure Fund
  • Staff Scholarship Fund
  • Student Scholarship Fund
  • Arts and Music Fund
  • Sports Development Fund

Make A Contribution

There are many opportunities to become involved by offering assistance to the school. You can make a contribution by:

  • Providing funds for a student or staff scholarship e.g. Ford Family Scholarship
  • Providing funds to support the growth of the general endowment fund, the interest off which provides funding for staff and student scholarships and awards
  • Providing cash gifts or pledges over 2-5 years towards capital projects e.g. the Jubilee Gymnasium
  • Providing a monthly contribution via payroll giving
  • Granting bequests

Contacting the Foundation

If you would like to receive a brochure about the activities of the Westlake Foundation and/or discuss making a contribution to Westlake Boys please contact Director of Advancement, Ant Ford:

Ant Ford
Director of Advancement
Westlake Boys High School
DDI: +64 9 410 1814
[email protected]

Westlake Foundation Board

Mr Graham Darlow (Chairman)
Mr Peter Burn
Mr Bill Smale
Mr Jeff Palfrey
Mr Clayton Coplestone
Mr Andrew Nicoll (WBHS Board of Trustees Chairman)
Dr John Russell
Mr James Skinner
Mr David Ferguson (Headmaster)
Mr Ant Ford (Director of Advancement)