Tax Gift
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We are excited to announce that Westlake Boys High School has partnered with TaxGift, which allows you to amplify your donation by up to 48% at no cost to you through TaxGifting your tax credit. It is the easiest fundraising ever: it takes less than a minute to register. 

Your gift to Westlake Boys High School then goes on giving, with Tax Gifted donations going towards programmes supporting the character development, well-being and mental health of our boys. This includes, mentoring programmes, school counselling, pastoral care, guest speakers, leadership opportunities and respectful relationship programmes.

What we teach our boys in the classrooms and on the sports fields is important. The work we do on top of this is to support their character development and well-being is every bit as important. As with anything we do, to do it well, we require resources. We are working hard to be as efficient as possible in running our school and we need your support.

How do you opt-in?

To opt-in TaxGift your tax credits on all of your donations to us for this tax year and going forward, simply click on the link (Westlake Boys TaxGift Form) fill in a few details and let the experts at TaxGift sort the rest out with the Inland Revenue. It’s completely free for you to use and only takes around sixty seconds to do: you will need your IRD number. Please note that once you have signed up, you will not be able to claim this tax credit for yourself. 

What’s more, you can help even further: if you haven’t claimed your tax credit on donations to us in the past four years, simply tick the box on the form regarding the past four year’s donations and the team at TaxGift will claim them as a further gift to us. This is a really powerful way to help put those unclaimed credits to good use and support the school.

You can also visit TaxGifts’s website for more information.