Health Centre

Hours : 8am – 4pm

Phone: 09 410 8667 extn 5728

Situated: Gate 5 (top entrance), first building on the left. 

Westlake Boys Public Health Nurse: Judith Cooper (WDHB) 09 486 8996 extn 3200


School Nurse – Cathy Sefont
Health Centre Assistant – Sandi Linton-Price
Physiotherapists – Dan Fake, Saskia Alexander, Hine Tuterangiwhiu & Stephen Yewchyn

The best place for your son if he is sick is at HOME

What We Do

The Health Centre provides support and administers first aid and immediate care to students and staff who become unwell or are injured at school.

  1. Students are assessed, treated and sent back to class when recovered or sent home as necessary.
  2. We contact patients’ caregiver or next of kin if and when necessary.
  3. We run, operate and maintain an efficient school sickbay.


We have physio available at school. This is a satellite clinic of Physioaction.

Appointments are available from 8am – 4pm and are free for all staff and students for accident-related (ACC covered)  injuries. Bookings may be made at the Health Centre. Students under 15 years of age will need signed parental permission to be treated.

Going home sick:

All students going home sick must do so through the Health Centre.  They will be issued with a release form and are required to be signed out of school by the person collecting them.

How you can help us:

A Health Information form is given to all students at enrolment.  Please advise the Health Centre of any new medical conditions that your son develops while he is a student at Westlake.

Please ensure contact details are kept up to date:  It is essential to have these numbers on hand should an emergency arise.  Should you change address, job, cell phone – Please advise the [email protected] ASAP.