Guidance & Wellbeing

We have two full-time Counsellors who are experienced and well qualified in supporting and providing counselling for students. Counselling is about being in a respectful and trusting relationship where students feel safe and they are listened to and assisted in various ways.

Heron House is the guidance suite and it is situated below the school building. Individuals can access the counsellors for both personal and school-related issues and can make an appointment at any time. Parents and caregivers are welcome to contact the counsellors for guidance relating to any concerns or problems they encounter with their sons.

We strive to identify and remove the emotional and physical issues that create barriers to students’ learning and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Our aim is also to assist students to increase understanding of themselves and their relationship with others, to explore and develop healthier and more resourceful ways of living, to build and maintain purposeful relationships and to bring about the changes they seek. We assist and guide students through the challenging adolescent years, and empower them in working towards their goals.

Both counsellors belong to Professional Counselling Organisations and adhere to their respective Code of Ethics in their practice. The counsellors refer and interface with the appropriate agencies in the community that can benefit the wellbeing or Hauora of the student, always in the interest of the student. Self-referral is more preferable but Senior Management, Deans, Form Teachers, teachers and parents can refer students.

This is a confidential service and is available to students, parents of students, and members of staff. Confidentiality is upheld and will only be broken if there is a safety risk for the student or if the student poses a risk for others. In the presence of an imminent threat to the life or health of the student, the confidentiality ceases (refer to the Privacy Act (1994), Rule 11.2d).

Mr Mark Butler
Ph: 09 410 8667 ext 5114; email: [email protected]

Mrs M Cachopa
Ph: 09 4108667 ex 5767; email: [email protected]

Emergency Contacts

Marinoto (Mental Health) 09 489 0555

Andrew McBride (AP Pastoral) 022 172 1513