Discipline Policy

Our Policies

Westlake Boys’ High School insists that all students take pride in their school, actively demonstrating a commitment to our ethos.

When parents enrol a student at Westlake Boys’ High School, they undertake to see that their son abides by all the school rules as set down by the Board of Trustees. These are intended to promote students’  welfare and to assist in the smooth running of the school.

School discipline applies to all students of the school from the time of leaving home in the morning until they have returned home in the afternoon. This includes school-authorised events.

A comprehensive list of school rules is provided in the student diary issued to every student at the beginning of the year or during late enrolments throughout the year as well as on the school website.  Students are expected to read and comply with all school rules and our parental community is expected to support us in this.

The following are drawn to the attention of parents as areas where co-operation is particularly sought:

  • Students are expected to act in an orderly, courteous manner and show consideration towards other people.
  • Students are to be dressed in school uniform as set out in the prospectus.
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven. A student’s hair must be kept clean and tidy at all times. The length of the hair should not be shorter than a  “number 2” razor cut. Hair should not be touching the shirt collar and should be off the face. The fringe, when straightened /combed down, must not hang in the eyes. The style of the hair should not be extreme including but not limited to mohawk, shaved styles and/or patterns, hair tied up and braided. The colour must be the student’s own natural colour; no dye nor highlights are allowed.
  • The possession or use of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other illegal substances or material as per school policy is strictly prohibited.
  • The school has a zero-tolerance to use and/or possession of the above substances.

Cellphones distract from teaching and learning and may not be used at school except with the permission of a teacher.