Guidance & Wellbeing

Westlake Boys High School is committed to providing meaningful counselling support for our young men. The counselling team includes three current teachers and one member of the international department who have all retrained to become qualified counsellors. Our aim is to help our young men negotiate the challenges of their teenage years, empowering them to better understand themselves, their connection to the world and the people in their lives. 

Counselling is a confidential service and is available to students, parents of students, and members of staff. Confidentiality is always upheld unless there is a safety risk for the student or if the student poses a risk for others. Our counsellors are bound by New Zealand Association’s Code of Ethics and work within a framework that is safe and ethical in the best interests of each student.

Students are encouraged to self-refer for counselling support using the counselling icon on their Westlake start page. However we acknowledge that this can be a challenging process for some young men and so we also encourage parents and staff to make contact if they have concerns around the mental or emotional well-being of a young person.

Mark Butler (Head of Department)

Mark Butler: [email protected] 

09 410 8667 ext 5114

Jennifer Fan: [email protected]

09 410 8667 ext 5880

Juliet Inglis: [email protected]

09 410 8667 ext 5141

Emma Eaglen: [email protected]

09 410 8667 ext 5785

Emergency Contacts

Marinoto (Mental Health) 09 489 0555

Andrew McBride (AP Pastoral) 022 172 1513