House System

In 2008, the school launched a new house system, allocating every student in the school to a house.

The six houses are Hood (named after John Hood, Old Boy and former Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University), Murchison (named after Peter Murchison, recently retired and long-serving Deputy Headmaster), Smale (named after Bill Smale, local entrepreneur and Old Boy), Stanley (named after Mike Stanley, Old Boy and former world rowing champion), Ururoto (meaning Westlake in Maori) and Pupuke (the lake which lies to our east).

The houses compete in a wide variety of events including athletics, swimming, cross country, singing, charity collections, academic performance and kapa haka.

The house system generates pride and passion for Westlake and a sense of ownership for boys who attend Westlake. The house system also contributes to the promotion of competition among the students.

House Leaders 2016

Hood Teacher: Mr J McIntyre
Captain: Logan Rainey
Smale Teacher: Mr A James
Captain: Caleb McDonald
Murchison Teacher: Ms S Belcher
Captain: Dylan Maynard
Stanley Teacher: Mr R Scivier
Captain: Jarrod Ferguson 
Pupuke Teacher: Mr K Jorgensen
Captain: Ethan Martin
Ururoto   Teacher: Mr A Jones
Captain: Reuben Fitzgerald

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