Ultimate Frisbee

Auckland Ultimate | College Sport

Ultimate is a fast free-flowing non-contact sport played world-wide which combines elements of netball, soccer, American football and touch rugby. The basic aim is for the team with the frisbee – called a “disc” in Ultimate – to pass the disc up the field to others on their team and catch it in the endzone. At the same time the defensive team is trying to intercept it or knock it down. If they succeed, they get possession of the disc and are trying to score in the other endzone.

Ultimate is self-refereed, relying on the sportsmanship of players and invoking the “spirit of the game” to maintain fair play.

Westlake has a large number of players involved, so why not join us. There are competitions in Terms 1, 2 and 3. Practices are on Friday afterschool on the bottom fields for Outdoor league (term 1) and Monday at 7pm in the top gym for Indoor league (term 2 and 3)

Teacher in Charge: Mr R Kearney