College Sport

Touch is one of the most widely played team sports in New Zealand. When it is played competitively it is fast paced, extremely competitive and develops individual’s abilities to make decisions under pressure while developing ball skills and maintaining anaerobic fitness over the summer.

IMG_5682In recent years Westlake boys has won the Senior North Harbour Competition 8 times in the last 10 years; at National tournaments we are regularly placed in the top 10. The juniors have won the North Harbour championship 5 times in the last 10 years and regularly compete in the greater Auckland Champs. A number of Premier Touch players for Westlake Boys have achieved representative honours at provincial and National level in Touch, while others have also pushed on in either rugby union or rugby league and gained representative honours and or professional contracts.

Westlake Boys provides opportunities for boys who are interested playing Touch competitively as well as for participation. We normally have 3-4 senior IMG_5721and 3-4 junior teams that play in the North Harbour competition, but will create more teams as demand grows and if we have staff and parents who are willing to support and help. The senior season runs for about 6-8 weeks of term 1 with the chance of going to a qualifying tournament in March/April to go to the National Championships in December of the same year. The junior season runs in term 4 with the opportunity of going to a Greater Auckland Championships in November. Games are normally played on Tuesday nights from 4-6pm at Hato Petera College.

Teacher in charge: Mrs C Labuschagne