IMG_4242Tennis at Westlake Boys’ High School continues to be a popular choice as a summer Sport. Players have the option of representing the School and competing in the following leagues and tournaments:

Assata Saturday Morning League
This league is a competition structure that is set in place for the first and fourth terms. Teams consist of six players who compete against other school teams within the Auckland region. Matches are designed to be completed by mid-day to allow pupils to also compete for their respective clubs.

IMG_4405Tennis Northern Monday Afternoon League
Teams of four players represent the school by competing against other teams from the North Shore.

Champion of Champions
This is an annual event that allows opportunities for elite players to compete against like players from schools in the Auckland region.

Facilities and Services
Four on campus Astroturf courts are utilised for all matches that are played on site. Team training sessions and professional coaching is available through an Association with Kiwitennis. Details of their services can be viewed at


Westlake Boys’ High School has a very proud tradition of producing quality players that represent the School with spirit and determination in all competitions. Our track record of excellent results locally and nationally makes Westlake Boys the school of choice for aspiring Tennis players.

Teacher in Charge: Mr A Lydiard