Orienteering is a demanding sport which combines both physical fitness to run/sprint long distance courses together with sharp mental skills required to read maps with accuracy and make quick decisions. These are attributes well suited to many boys at Westlake given the continued success of our students in competitions at local and national levels.

The orienteering programme at Westlake involves a range of events which challenge many aspects of the sport. Each year the Auckland schools competitions commence with six qualifying rounds of the School Sprint series at a local school followed by a grand final to determine the fastest orienteers in Auckland. These events are followed by a relay competition over farmland which tests the nerve and ability of the competitors to function as a co-ordinated team. The next challenge is a tough competition over testing courses at Woodhill Forest to determine the Auckland Individual Champions, followed by the North Island Championships for those competing at the highest level. Schools from all over New Zealand then gather in July for three days of competition to decide the Secondary Schools Orienteering National Championships and the season rounds off with the fun Auckland Rogaine (Pairs Orienteering) competition at Shakespeare Regional Park.

Each year there is open entry for any student who wants to become involved in orienteering and the boys compete in three age grades depending on their date of birth. Involvement with local orienteering clubs is encouraged for skills development as is membership of the Westlake Distance Running group for fitness training.

Teacher in charge: Ms V Shoobert