Lacrosse is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing sports and at Westlake we have been playing competitively since 2012, taking part in both the North Harbour and Auckland competitions. During this time we have won the North Harbour Championship for four successive years and were placed runners-up in the Auckland Championships for three years.

Lacrosse is a team sport that involves a fist-sized hard rubber ball that is thrown, caught, and shot using lacrosse sticks. Lacrosse sticks are about a metre long and consist of a shaft (usually metal) and a plastic head that is strung with mesh. Goalie sticks and men’s defensive sticks are bigger. Players carry and pass the ball in order to score goals. Men’s field lacrosse involves 10 players from each team on the pitch and in men’s lacrosse helmets, arm pads, gloves, and other padding are used as body checking and stick checking is legal. The pitch is about 100 metres x 50 metres and players can carry and pass the ball behind the goal. Goals are 6 foot x 6 foot.

Training sessions start in term two so that basic skills can be taught. All student are very welcome to sign up.  We have a close relationship with the Harbour Hawks Lacrosse Club which loans us most of our equipment and many of our players play for the club once the school season has finished.

Teacher in Charge: Suzanne Cornelius