School Profile


Headmaster: Mr David Ferguson c/- Headmaster’s Executive Assistant [email protected]
+ (64) 9 4108667 ext. 5702

Type of School
Westlake Boys High School is a state [public] secondary boys’ school, which caters for Years 9 to 13. All male students who live within our geographical zone have the right to attend our school and a significant number of male students who live outside our geographical zone are accepted into our school, after an application and ballot process.

Statement of Purpose
“Westlake Boys High School offers an outstanding supportive and enjoyable learning environment for Auckland’s young men”.

Admissions Policy
Non-selective. However, our priority out of zone enrolment scheme caters for students who are the sibling of a current student, former student, the son of a former student, employee or member of the school Board of Trustees.

School Accreditation
Ministry of Education number 37.

School Description
Westlake Boys High School was established in 1962 on the North Shore of Auckland and is a popular boys’ school in New Zealand. There are approximately 2350 boys in the school and we offer programmes to students from the ages of 13 to 18. These programmes include both the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement [NCEA] and Cambridge International Examinations [CIE].
Our students are drawn from our local community and from a number of other countries. We welcome students from all of our communities, and currently have students with around 70 different cultural heritages. We are proud of all of our students and believe that every single young person has a huge amount to contribute to our school and all of our communities. We try to place the individual student at the heart of his own education, and to make sure that his learning is supported and guided with care and imagination.

Academic Programme and Grading System
The curriculum in the NCEA pathway consists of three levels:
Year 11 Level One: Six subjects, Year 12 Level Two: Six subjects, Year 13 Level Three: Six subjects

Students can be awarded an Achieved, a Merit, or an Excellence for the overall level and for individual subjects. Levels are obtained through a series of internal and external assessments, authorised by the Ministry of Education. In addition, students gain a University Entrance (UE) qualification which entitles them to attend a New Zealand University based on attaining an NCEA Level 3 qualification, with university approved subjects, gained at a certain level, together with the necessary Literacy and Numeracy qualifications.

The Westlake curriculum in the Cambridge pathway consists of two levels:
Year 12 AS Level: Three or four subjects, Year 13 A Level: Three or four subjects

Students can be awarded the following grades in the Cambridge system: A* (90%+), A (80%+), B (70%+), C (60%+), D (50%+), E (40%+). These grades are obtained through an external examination and in some cases, together with coursework, as approved by CIE. In addition, students gain a University Entrance by means of the UCAS points system, awarded at AS and A levels.