Our Community

Development Office

The goal of the Development Office is to create a connected Westlake Boys community, of current and past students, with a culture of giving so that all students have the opportunity to achieve to their highest potential. 

Achieving this goal is based around four key 'pillars': Communications, Database, Events, Fundraising & Income Generation.

The following responsibilities of the Development Office are based around these pillars:

Development Office & Events Manager, Liz Peters: To organise and manage events for the School, Westlakers and the Westlake Boys Community Foundation to foster connections with Westlake Boys High School.

Advancement ManagerTo provide opportunities for the community to give to the school, be it in terms of time, talent or treasure. Whilst financial donations are gratefully received and are sometimes necessary for large capital projects to take place, giving back can also mean coaching, mentoring, speaking to students about career-related topics, sponsorship, and offering Gateway placements.

Database & Alumni Manager, Michele Cain: To manage a complete and current database of current students and Westlakers so that communication with our community is possible.

Communications Manager, Katie Hunter: To communicate regularly across a variety of channels to keep our community (students, parents, Westlakers, staff and the wider community) engaged.

The Development team are always keen to hear what our Westlakers are doing here at home and around the globe and encourage contact from anyone who is interested in supporting our school community, in any capacity.