Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education Courses

All courses aim to increase the boys’ skills in a range of outdoor activities and to increase their overall self-confidence. Awareness of different environments and boys’ ability to cooperate with others in stressful situations are also very important.

Each activity requires boys to study theory and practise skills at school before field trips to a range of sites for real activities.

Unit Standards are the only qualifications except for Diving and Boating where PADI and Coastguard qualifications are also available.

Year 12 and 13 Outdoor Education

These cover the following:
  • Bushcraft – This includes tramping, camping and navigation in Year 12 and follows with river crossing and bush survival in Year 13. Weather interpretation units are also covered at each level.
  • Rock climbing – Boys work on indoor walls, local rock faces and a variety of crags in the Waikato. The Form 7 course has the increased skill and difficulty levels required for lead climbing and natural rock.
  • Caving – Year 12 students complete an introductory caving unit then move to a much more comprehensive multi-day trip to the Waitomo area in Year 13.


Year 12 and 13 Outdoor Education Marine

These cover the following:
  • Bushcraft – The same units are covered as in Outdoor Education above.
  • Boating – Coastguard courses – “Day Skipper” is covered in Year 12 and boys move on to “Boatmaster” and “Marine Radio Operator” in Form 7.
  • Diving – PADI courses – In Year 12 boys learn to dive using scuba and qualify as “Openwater Divers” then continue with two of the specialty courses of “Underwater Naturalist” and “Boat Diver”.  In Year 13 they move on to qualify as “Advanced Openwater Divers” and complete a “Night Diver” specialty course.