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 The Department

We love maths!  We are a department made up of teachers with a passion for our subject.  We love it and love getting that enthusiasm across to our students.  This is done through a range of activities, from traditional classwork through to group activities, hands on tasks, use of technology such as Kahoot and competitions.  Whether you have a passion for Pythagoras or an interest in integration, we will take that enthusiasm and nurture it further.  We pride ourselves on being able to convince the more sceptical students that maths can be accessible and even interesting!

We strongly believe that gaining even basic skills in maths is a necessary skill for success, no matter what the pursuits of our students are.  We are ready to help all of our students achieve well, whether that is in the form of supporting our students who find maths challenging and need extra help in reaching their goals, or supporting our very talented mathematicians and providing the scope in which they can achieve at the highest level. maths3

The Curriculum

Mathematics is compulsory for all students in Years 9 – 11.  The vast majority of our students also choose to continue their mathematics through Years 12 and 13 in Statistics, Calculus or both.

In Years 9 and 10, students follow the Junior Mathematics curriculum which is pitched at levels 4-6 of the New Zealand curriculum.  Students are taught through units of work and with varying styles to cover all aspects of the curriculum.  These are taught under the umbrellas of Number, Algebra, Measurement, Statistics & Probability and Shape & Space.  Our junior curriculum helps students gain a firm basis in Mathematics, building on the knowledge they bring with them, for all students to be able to see significant progress whilst at Westlake Boys High School.


In Year 11 students begin their NCEA Level 1 qualification.  In order to pass Level 1, all students are required to gain 10 credits in numeracy standards.  The vast majority of students at Westlake Boys High School achieve many more than this and are well prepared to continue with Mathematics studies in Year 12 in either Statistics or Calculus.  A number of students also choose to pursue both branches of Mathematics.

In Year 12 students can choose to follow the Calculus or Statistics courses for NCEA Level 2.  The Calculus course has a heavy emphasis in algebra, differentiation, integration, graphing and trigonometry.  The Statistics course does still cover some algebra along with trigonometry, networks and units on statistical analyses.

In Year 13, the difference between the Calculus and Statistics courses becomes more pronounced as the Calculus course extends students in their ability to work with algebra, differentiation, integration, trigonometry and complex numbers.  The Statistics course develops students’ ability to analyse data and draw conclusions, and is more project-based work.

We also offer NCEA Scholarship classes for our high achieving students to work on curriculum content that is beyond that expected of a Year 13 NCEA Level 3 student.

We are currently phasing out the Cambridge curriculum.  The Year 12 cohort of 2018 will be the last group of students with the option to follow the pathway of AS Maths in year 12 and A2 Maths in year 13.