Head of Department: Mr C. Wilson

What is ESOL?

ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages) is part of the English faculty and provides language-focused curriculum support for students who speak languages other than English. Its primary purpose is to empower students through language so that they can participate across the curriculum and in society. As a department, we also seek to develop students’ literacy and offer programmes at the senior level to assist students to achieve NCEA Levels One and Two literacy.

The Aim of ESOL:

is to enable ESOL students to succeed across the curriculum through the development of:

  • vocabulary knowledge and understanding
  • understanding of text purpose
  • language ability
  • understanding and awareness of the relationship between content and language

To achieve this, student activities involve:

  • developing knowledge of high frequency and curriculum-focused vocabulary
  • evaluating how texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences
  • using strategies that enhance language and skill development
  • empowering students to contribute ideas in English
  • developing an understanding of how language features are used for effect in texts
  • creating texts using a range of structures for different purposes
  • integrating sources of different information and prior knowledge to express ideas

These activities are carried out in the following subject areas:

  • ESOL Junior English
  • ESOL Junior Social Studies
  • ESOL Junior Science
  • ESOL Junior Maths
  • ESOL Level One English classes
  • ESOL Level Two English classes

ESOL support can involve a combination of these subjects or can be through the ESOL homework centre.

Who does ESOL?

In the junior school students identified as having ESOL needs are assessed and are allocated ESOL classes or given access to support.

In the senior school, students needing assistance with Levels One and Two literacy are identified and placed in appropriate ESOL courses. Students not in these courses also can get support through the ESOL homework centre.

NCEA Literacy Courses:

ESOL in the senior school offers the following courses: 11EAPR (English for Academic Purposes Reading), 11EAPW (English for Academic Purposes Writing), and 12EAPUE (English for Academic Purposes University Entrance). The 12EAPUE course offers Year 12, Level 2, NCEA Achievement Standards and Unit Standards which are necessary for Year 13 students hoping to attend University.

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