In Zone Enrolment

Please read the Westlake Boys High School enrolment FAQs first

Please check that you are within the school zone

Enrolment Dates

Year 9 Information Evening 6pm                         2nd August 2018
In Zone Enrolment Interviews 12 noon – 4.00pm   7th August 2018
12 noon – 8.00pm   8th August 2018
  • You will need to have submitted an on-line enrolment application to attend an interview.  You must bring your son with you to the interview (no appointment is necessary)
Last date for notification (from the school) to parents 14th September 2018
Last date for parents to accept their In Zone Offer of Place 26th September 2018

Enrolment Forms

Please complete the on-line enrolment application at the link below.  When you click on Submit, on the last page, a copy of the completed application will be sent to you for your records.

After you have submitted the In Zone application you will need to bring your son to Westlake Boys for an interview.  Please check the In Zone Interview dates and times (no appointments are given) and refer to the Enrolment Checklist to help you compile the supporting documents that are required to complete your son’s enrolment.  You will not be able to proceed to an interview if you don’t have all your supporting documents with you on the interview day.

2019_Enrolment_Form Click on the link to complete the on-line application.
2019 Academy of Sport Application Form

Applications close on Tuesday 18 September 2018

Optional – If your son plays sport at an elite level and is interested in applying for a place in the Academy of Sport, please complete this on-line application.
2019 Option Music Form Optional – If your son is already learning an instrument and has a serious interest in music then he can choose to take music as a full-year option.  If he would like to do this then please include the completed Option Music application with your enrolment documents.

 Important Information for In Zone Students Enrolling in 2019


Westlake Boys High School follows strictly the Ministry of Education guidelines regarding entrance into our school. If a student of high school age lives in our zone, he is entitled to attend our school in accordance with our Enrolment Scheme. Please see our website for details of this scheme and of how we define “living in zone”.

Applications for In Zone places can only be accepted once the boy is living in the school zone with his parent(s) or legal guardian.

Please note that:

  • ‘living in the school zone’ means that a student has his main residence in the school zone.
  • the school will not accept the temporary transference of guardianship to someone living in zone as evidence that a student is living in zone with his parent(s) or legal guardian.
  • submitting an enrolment application does not confirm an enrolment at Westlake Boys High School. ‘Enrolment’ occurs when attendance at the School commences and the student is first marked present on the school roll.

The School may actively collect information and make all enquiries necessary in its opinion to ensure that enrolment details contained in the enrolment application are accurate.


School Donation and Textbook Bond

The School Donation for all in zone applications is expected at this time.

A textbook bond of $100 will also be payable at this time.   You can apply for a refund of the textbook bond within two years of your son leaving Westlake provided they officially signed out of school, returned all their textbooks and paid all monies owing to the school.


Supporting Documentation

Please double-check you have all your supporting documents with you at the In Zone Interview Day.  An enrolment application will only be processed when it is complete.  An application is considered complete when all sections are answered and ALL certified supporting documents, including the Statutory Declaration and Responsible Use Agreement, are received. Certified means that a copy of a document and its original are presented to a Justice of the Peace or Solicitor so that it can be verified as a true copy. Additional documentation may be requested if proof of living in zone is inconclusive and will be required before an application can proceed.


Documentation Requirements for an In Zone Enrolment

All Students

  • Copy of their latest school report

     Proof of Identity and Eligibility to Enrol in a New Zealand School

  • Copy of full birth certificate (in English) showing parents’ names (unabridged)
  •  NZ & Australian Citizens: Copy of New Zealand or Australian passport (photo page) or NZ citizenship certificate
  • All other students: Certified copy of passport (photo page) and Residency Visa or domestic Student Visa, together with parents’ passports and residency or work visas.

Documents required to support the in-zone address:                                  

  • Westlake Boys High School’s Statutory Declaration completed and signed by a Solicitor or Justice of the Peace
  • Complete copy of your most recent electricity invoice (all pages) showing the supply address
  • Complete copy of your most recent telephone (landline) or broadband invoice (all pages)


If you are living in rented accommodation

  • A copy of your Tenancy Agreement. The minimum tenancy for initial enrolment is a one year fixed term agreement covering the student’s first year at Westlake Boys High School.
  • A copy of your bond receipt letter from Tenancy Services confirming lodgement of the bond (ph 0800 737 666 to request a copy)

OR:    If you are living in your own home

  • A copy of your most recent Auckland Council General Rates notice or Water Rates; OR
  • If the purchase has been within the last 3 months, a copy of the solicitor’s settlement letter.
  • Trust property: you must provide written evidence of the Trustees names and include a declaration from the Trustees declaring a right to occupy the property
  • Company property: you must provide written evidence of the named Directors and include a declaration confirming the right to occupy the property


Have you moved from Out of Zone to In Zone in the past 12 months?

If you have moved from an out of zone property you owned to the enrolment address in the past 12 months, you will need to provide written proof of what has happened to your previous address i.e. sold or rented out, including a copy of the final electricity reading.

If you have moved in zone from a rented property then you will need to provide a copy of the final electricity reading for that address.


Moving out of the School Zone after enrolling at Westlake Boys High School

Because only a student who lives in the home zone is entitled to enrol at Westlake Boys High School and because the Board of Trustees has the statutory power to annul the enrolment in certain circumstances, all changes to the student’s usual place of residence when the School is open for instruction must be immediately notified to the School in writing. Where permission is being sought for the student to remain at the School, application must be made in writing prior to the move taking place.


Withdrawing an Enrolment at Westlake Boys High School

If the parents/caregivers decide not to accept an Offer of Place for their son, or later change their mind, and have paid the School Donation, a refund can be requested from the School Cashier provided the original school receipt is returned.  The Textbook Bond can also be refunded in full when an enrolment does not proceed.