Important Dates for Enrolment

Year 9 Information Evening 6pm (no need to register)

30th July 2020
In Zone Interviews - Year 9
4th August 12noon-4pm, 5th August 12noon-8pm

4th & 5th August 2020
Out of Zone & Out of Zone Priority Interviews - Year 9
11th August 9am-4pm, 12th August 9am-8pm

11th & 12th August 2020
Closing Date for Year 9 Out of Zone/Priority Applications

2nd September 2020
Closing Date for Year 9 Academy of Sport Applications

 16th September 2020
Ballot Held

9th September 2020
Last date for notification to parents

11th September 2020
Last day for parents to accept In Zone/Out of Zone/Priority place

23rd September 2020
Academic Assessment Day (9am - 12noon)

28th October 2020
Academy of Sport Assessment Day

28th October 2020
Academic Assessment Catch-up Day

4th November 2020
Year 10-13 Out of Zone/Priority Applications Closing Date

25th September 2020

Please note there is no option to book a specific time slot on the allocated Interview Dates.  We will work on a first come first serve basis.