How to create a plan

Creating a Plan to Study 

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”
The minimum time required to prepare for a major exam is 3 weeks. 

Successful study is all about planning your time. Follow the instructions below and at the end, you should have a study plan suited to you and your commitments, both in and out of school hours. 

  1. Follow these steps to complete your study plan. Use ONE colour to do the following: 

    • Block out the time you normally have dinner each night. 

    • Block out any commitments you have on a regular basis, eg sport, music practice. 

    • Block out any travel time (the time it takes you to get to and from school). 

    • Block out the time you normally work (if you have a job). 

    • Block out the time you normally see your friends. 

    • Block out social media time (if you use it!) – 30 mins a night is plenty of time to see what 

      your friends are up to. 

    • Block out your favourite TV shows. 

  2. Any time left for study?
    If not, something will 
    HAVE to change. Remember that this is a temporary situation. 

    • Record your TV shows and watch them at a later date. 

    • Plan to do some study before school. 

    • Cut back on the time you spend with friends. 

    • Cut back on social media and gaming. 

    • Think about the number of hours you work – is it realistic? 

  3. Pencil in your study and homework commitments. 

    • The recommended time for homework is approx. 90 minutes or more each night. 

    • Split this time between homework and study (study is going over what you’ve already 


    • Closer to the exams more time should be allocated to study. 

  4. Colour code your study plan:

    • colour all your study - use different colours for each subject.

    • Be specific about what you want to study for each subject e.g. Maths – factorising quadratics.

    • colour your homework time in the same colour.

  5. Put it up somewhere where you’ll see it each day, e.g. on your bedroom wall or door. 

  6. Try your plan for 5 days. If it’s not working, make the changes and try again.