Sports Academy

Academy of Sport

The Academy of Sport at Westlake Boys has the aspirational vision of developing our most promising young sportsmen to realise their potential in both sport and in life.

In years 9 and 10, the Academy has a broad-base catering for 6 sports and an Individual Athlete Programme (IAP). The IAP is for those students who display emerging talent in sports outside of the core team sports. In Year 9, the six sports available comprise: Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Rugby and Rowing plus the IAP. In Year 10, an additional academy for distance running is introduced. Students will attend three dedicated Academy sessions a week delivering education in sports-specific skill development, and key aspects of performance culture. They will also be exposed to an extensive Strength and Conditioning programme focused on fundamental movement skills.

From Year 11 through to Year 13, the Academy of Sport focus shifts to supporting a curriculum-based approach suitable for those students wishing to pursue their passion for sport. Students will continue to engage in Strength and Conditioning whilst being introduced to a unique selection of Achievement Standards. This cross-curricular focus will allow students to gain credits and further their understanding of sport, nutrition, psychology and society – all taught through the context of sport. Key outcomes of the Academy are confidence, leadership and resilience.

The opportunity for Academy students to train in the hours of daylight, with highly qualified coaches throughout the school year, allows them to develop new skills and perfect existing ones. It also allows like-minded students to learn from each other and focus on building a potential career in sport.  Academy of Sport students will often form the core of Westlake’s merit teams as they progress through their school career further contributing to a culture of excellence through sport.

How to Apply

The Academy of Sport continues to thrive. The high demand for places, and the extremely high standard of applicants is indicative of the increasing awareness in the local community of what the Academy has to offer. However pure sporting ability is not the only criteria for selection. There must be recognition from students that they demonstrate behaviours and attributes that align to Westlake’s culture, and also uphold standards of academic effort and focus in all subjects.  

All intermediate school students entering high school whether in or out of zone who wish to perform at an elite level are encouraged to apply - a separate application form must be completed during the enrolment process. Please contact Deb Hodge for further details.

Sports in the Westlake Academy of Sport - Academy of Sports Director: P Strang

The following sports and coaches make up the Academy:

Year 9

Basketball:  Mr J Letoa
Cricket: Mr B Cachopa, Mr P Strang
Football: Mr N Dale
Rugby: Mr H McGahan
Hockey: Mr C Meredith
Rowing: Mrs J Shotter
Strength & Conditioning: Mr J Williamson

Year 10

As above plus:
Distance Running: Mr T Strydom