Our Online Services

Accessing Student Details and Online Account Management

We offer two services with online components

MyMonitor for online Account management and
Parent/Student Portal for Student details, assessment and timetable information.



MyMonitor is a web based accounting system allowing parents to allocate funds to students to be able to pay for printing, canteen and shop purchases using their student ID card.

Use MyMonitor to:

  • Add credit to student accounts so that your student can make purchases at the shop, canteen or print at school
  • Transfer value between accounts and between student accounts that you manage
  • Track the transactions of your student

Students can not transfer money between accounts, or use one account to pay for another. Value can be added to accounts online or at the kiosk in student services

If the ID card is lost the account can be locked online while a replacement card is ordered. The card can also be locked at the Student Helpdesk in the Main Office.
New Cards can be ordered from Student Services

Logging in:

  • Both Parents and students can log into MyMonitor. An email will be sent to parents when the student accounts are connected to your parent account with the password to login. The email that is sent uses the main email or emails that have been provided by you. Parents will be able to choose their own password and reset this if it is forgotten.
  • Students can log in with their username and network password

 We will likely be adding facilities such as online purchases at a later date.

Please note – all students are being issued new ID cards in 2016, and will not be able to use previous cards. Once new cards have been received, students will be able to use this to set a PIN at the kiosk and pay for items at the canteen. Students can make purchases at the shop until then without their student ID card.
In future years they will be able to use their previous card.

Parents/Student Portal


The Parent and Student portal is provided by KAMAR which is our student management system

Use Parent Portal to:

  • View contact details (and advise us if they are not correct)
  • View your student timetables
  • View NCEA results summary
  • Select courses
  • Pay fees

 Logging In

  • Parents and students can log into the portal.
  • The username is the student username and passwords will be emailed to you – you cannot change this
  • Students can log in with their username and network password

Special Notes:

  • We do not provide cash out for students from MyMonitor or EftPos