Rules of Internal Assessments

NCEA Student Handbook


All work must be handed in on time. Extensions will only be granted by the NCEA Co-ordinator, Mr Jackson, through formal application. A ‘Request for Time Extension or Date Change for Assessed Work’ form is available from Mrs Sutherland (Secretary for the Deputy Headmasters) or from Mr Jackson, or can be printed by selecting the link below:

Change of Assessment Date Form or Missed Assessment Form

Completed forms should be returned to Mr Jackson (Year 11 students), Mr Gordon (Year 12 students) or to Ms Kwok (Year 13 students); or in their absence, to Mrs Sutherland, Senior Management PA.


Students can appeal any grade that they receive.  An Appeal Form can be collected from either Mr Jackson or Mrs Sutherland, or can be printed by selecting the link below:

Assessment Appeal Form

If a student wants to appeal a grade, he is advised to discuss this with his teacher.  As part of the appeal process, he will need to explain why he thinks the work is at the next grade, e.g. it is worth a Merit instead of an Achieved.  The appeal process means that the work will be marked by a different teacher who has expertise in that standard at that level.

Unexpected Absence:

If the absence is unexpected, as in an illness, an application must be made within 5 school days after the assessment date. Approval for extensions will be given for illness (with a doctor’s certificate) or family bereavement.

School-sanctioned sports and cultural trips:

School-sanctioned sports and cultural trips, as well as trips with provincial and national teams, need to be applied for at least 5 days before the event. If the student is involved in a national or provincial sports trip part of the process of gaining an extension will be completing the correct leave application forms.

Late work will not be accepted by the teacher unless the above procedure has been completed.

Further Assessment Opportunities:

Students assessed using internal Achievement Standards or Unit Standards have one further assessment opportunity in selected Standards, where they have gained “Not Achieved”. This will only happen if it is practical and possible to do so.

The Achievement/Unit Standards that are available for reassessment will be indicated at the start of the year on the assessment schedule issued by each department.

Students who do not sit the first assessment and do not have an acceptable excuse for their absence will not be permitted further assessment opportunities.

External examination information for students