Academic Achievements

Student Achievement at Westlake

Westlake Boys High School has a long and proud tradition of excelling boys’ learning and educational achievements in a wide range of disciplines. Our boys have consistently achieved, and are continuing to achieve, outstanding results in NCEA, Cambridge International and Scholarship examinations. A number of our boys have been successful in international academic competitions. Many of our old boys move on to enjoy exciting and fulfilling academic careers in reputable universities.

School leavers data

In 2018, our Year 13 leavers were very well prepared for their future academic pathways:

•    100% achieved Level One

•    99.8% achieved Level Two 

•    95% achieved Level Three 

•    84% gained University Entrance.


Our Scholarship results are a testament to the quality of the curriculum design and teaching and learning in our school.

2018 Outstanding Scholars

Jay Ko: 5 Scholarships including 1 Outstanding Scholarship

Mark Seddon: 3 Outstanding Scholarships

Bill Song: 5 Scholarships including 1 Outstanding Scholarship

2018 Premier Scholar

Stefan Ivanov 

Outstanding Scholarship in Chemistry

Outstanding Scholarship in Statistics

Outstanding Scholarship in Health and Physical Education

Scholarship in Biology

Scholarship in Physics

Scholarship in English

Scholarship in Media Studies 

Scholarship in Calculus

Extension pathways

Our extension pathways ensure that our most capable students are challenged and extended sufficiently. Our pathways recognise individual talents and aim to be as inclusive as possible. This means students can be placed in one or multiple extension classes, depending on their ability in specific subject areas. Students are able to move between extension and core courses. Owing to the flexibility of NCEA, we are able to use assessments from different learning areas or different levels to construct truly unique extension courses that respond to student interests and needs. 

In 2018, we achieved a 100% pass rate in every single Year 11 extension course, meaning all students gained 14 and over credits within a course, with the majority of the credits gained at Merit and Excellence levels.

Cambridge International Examinations

2019 marks the final year of CIE as an assessment pathway in our school. We have continued to commit to our boys following the CIE programme, and are fiercely proud of the results they have produced. 

AS Pass Rates

A level Pass Rates