Pasifika Parents Komiti

Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula Vinaka, Taloha, Fakalofa lahi atu,

Warmest Pacific Greetings

The Pasifika Parents Komiti (PPK) welcomes you as a member of the  Westlake “aiga/anau/famili” to support Pasifika students, their families  and the school. We aim to promote the Westlake Way, improve  communication between the school and our Pasifika community and assist  raising Pasifika Academic Achievement initiatives.  Our primary focus is  Academic Achievement and how to support students and families balance  this with other commitments and responsibilities such as sports,  religious celebrations, leadership, school events, family and cultural  events.

The  biggest contribution that we Pasifika Parents can make is to simply get  involved in our son’s education, let’s share our stories and knowledge  and unique pacific cultures to navigate the academic pathways together.

Kia manuia

Taro Patch

The Taro Patch is our ‘after school/before school club’ where our Pasifika  boys can come together as one on a weekly basis to celebrate and share  their unique Pasifika cultures as well as do homework, get subject help  from teachers and other Westlake achievers, meet other Pasifika  achievers who are keen to pass on their knowledge, values and skills in  business, sports, music, the arts as well as university and career choices.