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Language Department

Each department within languages offers its own range of diverse cultural experiences. Refer to the links above to find out more about pétanque, Language Week and the various language department trips available.

Languages Week

Ni Hao, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Kon’nichiwa, Kia Ora!

Westlake Boys’ High School celebrates Language Week with a range of fun and educational events, which highlight the importance of learning a  second language. During this week the teachers and students embrace the multicultural and linguistically-orientated week with enthusiasm and a  sense of competition. Each day of the week one of the different languages that boys have the opportunity of learning at Westlake is celebrated.

Having learnt the way boys work, we know that food-orientated activities are a success thus we offer speciality foods in the quad each day to give the boys a flavour of each country. It is lovely to see the students of all year groups enjoying a variety of foods from Chinese dumplings to pretzels and pain au chocolat to sushi. Of course, food only plays one part of the festivities.