Music Institute

The primary goal of the Music Institute at Westlake Boys is to further develop the cultural life of the school and to offer more advanced opportunities for our most talented musicians.

The emphasis of the course is on enriching the already advanced performance capabilities of the selected junior music students. The history, theory, aural and composition aspects of the course grow out of the needs of the Performance work. It is presumed that students accepted for this course will already be in advance of their cohort in performance, theory and aural ability – because of their musical experience prior to attending High School. It is also necessary for the Music Institute boys to be independent learners – as a great deal of the course relies on individual, self-directed challenge.


Year 8 students wishing to have music for a year-long course, must complete the Music Application form at enrolment. From this information, the students are divided into Music Option and Music Institute groups for the following year. However, once they are at Westlake, all music students are given a Performance Audition and a theory/aural test, so that they can be placed in the course most appropriate for their ability.

N.B. there is free entry to the Music Option course – regardless of levels of previous musical experience.


Westlake Boys has an extensive and very successful co-curricular Programme. There are more than 16 Performance Music Groups which the students are encouraged to become involved in. Institute Students are encouraged to ‘get their music out of the bedroom’ and to share their playing with others (see Music Groups).