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Welcome to our Westlake Auditorium page. Here you can find out more about what we can offer in terms of facilities, production and experience, as well as taking a tour of the venue and finding all the information you could possibly need to make your event a complete success. Here at Westlake, our team strives to help make your event as professional and memorable as possible.

Our Westlake auditorium has a capacity of 1800, which can be rearranged to suit your capacity needs. Our downstairs area holds 1800 standing and 1000 seated, which can be removed and setup in any configuration. Upstairs, we have 800 fixed seats and can be opened or closed to give more flexibility for the number of seats you have available. Other features include cooking facilities, waiting area, green rooms with private kitchen and toilet facilities, and easy stage access.

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Audio – Hear all about it


What we can do for you…

Here at Westlake Boys we are ready to meet your audio needs. We have our own in house PA that is more than capable for most events. In addition to that we have a new digital console which will allow you full control over your audio as well as the option to record 32 tracks out and mix down your event afterwards. On stage we have a full monitor setup, which when linked with the ability to mix on stage with an iPad, will ensure your performers are always happy. We are also very lucky at Westlake to have a skilled production team in house which you are able to make use of.

Useful links:

Westlake Boys High School Tech Sheet

Behringer X32 Manual


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Lighting – Illuminating your path to a successful event

Jack Woodgate – Head Tech (Lighting)

Jack is our head of lighting and is currently employed by the Bruce Mason Center as well as attending school. He has worked with several international acts touring through New Zealand and is really enthusiastic about theater and entertainment technology. He is aiming to work on Broadway after leaving Westlake Boys High School. Jack has designed and operated all of our school events this year.

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What we can do for you…

At Westlake, we are able to do anything you want from assisting your crew with rigging to designing, rigging and operating lighting for your show for you. We have a basic house rig (see spec sheet below) which you would be able to use for a conference or basic show. For the more creative hirers we have contacts to hire any lighting you require at a good rate. Usually lighting works in one of two ways. Either the show has a lighting designer and/or operator and we can hire and help rig to your lighting design or the organizer of the show gives us a lighting budget (which can be $0) and some ideas of what they would like in terms of mood and color etc. and our lighting experts will design and hire the lighting for you.

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Prices – Ensuring the price is right for you

We like to make life as easy as possible for our hirers and as part of this we have revolutionized our prices. We have rid ourselves of all those confusing extra costs that you find at other venues and given you the choice of three separate packages which we are offering for either a half day (6 hours) or a Full Day (9am – when you leave). The only additional cost over and above the package cost is for our technicians, which has been kept separate due to the wide range of times they are needed. We do require you to have two of our technicians on site at all times. This is for your assistance and safety and also to ensure the venue is being used in a reasonable manner.


1 – Dry Hire Package – With the dry hire package you are only hiring the use of the auditorium and its facilities. As part of the package, you can use the auditorium, Kitchen facilities, green room and our house projector and coms units. All other production must be brought in by the hirer.

Half day – $1400                                Full Day – $2100                                                 Techs 2x $25/hour

2 – Conference Package – With the conference package you are hiring all the facilities from the Dry Hire Package above plus enough production to put on a conference/ prize giving style event. This includes: Lectern and microphone, 2x wireless handheld microphones, full house lighting rig. Any other production will need to be brought in by the hirer.

Half day – $1800                                Full Day – $2500                                                 Techs 2x $25/hour

3 – Full Hire Package – With the Full Hire Package you are hiring all the facilities above plus all of our in house production (see spec sheet for specific details). Most shows will be able to run using this package from plays to Orchestras to full concerts. If you want your show to really make an impact, extra production will need to be brought in by the hirer.

Half day – $2000                                Full Day – $2800                                                 Techs 2x $25/hour

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