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The PTA provides a link between the wider Westlake community and the school.

We facilitate opportunities for parents and caregivers to get to know each other better and to be involved at our school. Our goals are to organise functions which are fun, interesting, and appealing to parents, as well as to provide a voice for parents.

The PTA raises funds to support projects which benefit the school community and the students. Most of our funds are earned through running the Second Hand Uniform Shop and various events during the year.

We work in co-operation with and provide assistance to the school where we can. We are a volunteer, non-profit organisation, a registered charity and operate under the umbrella of the NZPTA. Joining us is a  great opportunity to get to know more about the school, to meet new people and form friendships. You can be involved as little or as much as you wish and we welcome parents, caregivers and teachers to come to our meetings and events.

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How to Contact Us

The current committee members are:

President: Tracey Smith [email protected]
Secretary: Helen Mason [email protected]
Treasurer: Mridula Rajan [email protected]

Committee: Serena Bawden, Caroline Carlyle, Lyn Cuthbertson, Rae Ann Erickson, Fran Irons, Bronwyn Johnson, Mimoza Kamberi, Vid Kulkarni, Kay Link, Lisa Manning, Helen Mason, Arlette Nikken, Sheena Parkin, Haruka Paul, Akiko Shimizu-Alexander, Tracey Smith, Susie Turner, Ruth Whitley and Cathryn Wilson.

Second Hand Uniform Shop Manager: Robyn Dean [email protected]

Staff Representative: Michele Cain

PTA Second-Hand Uniform Shop

Learn more about Second Hand Uniform Shop

2020 PTA Activities

There are a number of school events at which the PTA provides assistance. These are always fun, and a good opportunity to meet new people.

Open Evening (for 2021 incoming students and families) – Thursday 30th July

PTA provides refreshments at the Annual Open Evening. This is a good opportunity for parents to network and ask questions about the school in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Grandparents’ Day Morning Tea - Friday 31st July 2020

Grandparents’ Day is a particularly popular community event and we look forward to another opportunity to welcome the grandparents this year.

Staff Morning Tea - Thursday 29th October 2020

Close to the end of each school year, the PTA hosts a morning tea to recognise the important contribution of all staff. This is always enthusiastically received. As well as providing delicious treats, we also present each member of staff with a small gift (donated by parents). For the past three years, we have managed to present gifts to the entire 200+ support staff and teachers.

Westlake Boys Graduation Dinner setup - Thursday 3rd December 2020

PTA members assist in the setting up of this formal dinner held in the Auditorium for 2020 Westlake leavers and their parents.

End of Year PTA Dinner

The end of year PTA Pot Luck Dinner, hosted at a committee person’s home, has become a valuable PTA tradition. It is a great way to celebrate the year’s successes!