Virtute Podcast

Virtute: Westlake Character Education Podcast

Westlake runs a monthly podcast series that involves a number of guests sharing their thoughts on character formations, stories that have shaped them as people and advice for others. 

2019 Episodes:

  • Episode 1: Rick Stevens (old boy and former MD of Brandworld)
  • Episode 2: Jack Lovett (owner of Spartan Performance, a leading athlete development facility)
  • Episode 3: Phil Clare (RAF Squadron Leader, tours of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Falk Islands)
  • Episode 4: Sian Jacquet (crisis management, mentorship and leadership professional)
  • Episode 5: Izzy Whitley (old boy and owner of Auckland Labour Hire)
  • Episode 6: Phil Cummins (MD of CIRCLE Education)
  • Episode 7: Jack Pannell (Executive Director of Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys)
  • Episode 8: Jon Murdof (UDL expert)
  • Episode 9: Hugh McGahan (Rugby League legend)
  • Episode 10: Jack Salt (old boy and professional basketballer)

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