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School remains closed with online learning restarting on Mon 18 October.

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Who are we?

Who are we?

The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 



The Westlake Boys Centre will continue to enhance student outcomes by providing innovative and outstanding opportunities for excellence in Teaching and Learning.  

Mission Statement

The Westlake Boys Centre is a dedicated, inclusive space that provides our community with a range of evidence based programmes and opportunities for excellence and equity, in boys’ education. We are a supportive and caring environment that connects and engages in positive, holistic, and motivated learning.  

Leaders of Learning

Jude Arbuthnot

Jude began her career as an English and Media Studies teacher in the UK in 2001, moving to New Zealand and Westlake in 2006. She is currently teacher in charge of Media Studies Scholarship and has a Within School Leader role for the Pupuke Kahui Ako. In her career she has held the roles of Head of House and Assistant Head of Faculty. She has completed Action Research for the International Boys School Coalition into collaborative writing. As a Leader of Learning in the Centre for Excellence, her work focuses on literacy, mentoring of Provisionally Certified Teachers and supporting and training Middle Leaders.

Casey de Wit

Casey began her career as an English and Media Studies teacher in Auckland in 2015. She is currently Head of the Media Studies Department and the Professional Development Coordinator. During her short career she has also held the role of Teacher in Charge of Level One English. As a Leader of Learning in the Centre for Excellence, her work focuses on coordinating internal Professional Development and running the Professional Growth Cycle. Her current work will find her supporting the Associate Teachers for 2021 and mentoring a trainee teacher within her department. 

Joe Cachopa

Joe’s career spans 38 years, both as an Intermediate teacher and as a Secondary History teacher. After a ten-year period as a Principal in South Africa, Joe moved to New Zealand and Westlake in 2002. He is currently a Year 13 and Scholarship History teacher and is the Deputy Principal responsible for Professional Development and numerous support programmes for teachers. 

Kelly Easton

Kelly has been teaching in New Zealand since 2006, after emigrating from the UK where her early Teaching career began. She has had a variety of roles in her career, such as Deaning, Head of Department and most recently as Specialist Classroom Teacher with a focus on improving Teaching and Learning at our school. She is passionate about improving student outcomes and fostering the development of new Teachers to the profession; in 2021 she will be leading the learning of three Trainee Teachers based at Westlake for the whole year, an exciting new project in conjunction with 12 Auckland secondary schools and Waikato University. 


To Support Heads of Faculty to effectively lead teaching and learning within their departments, throughout 2021.
To coordinate weekly professional development through our new timetable structure.  
To continue running a successful PCT Programme in 2021.
To coordinate Professional Development on Inclusive Education, by supporting all staff to ensure success for all students at Westlake Boys in 2020. These sessions will be included into the weekly PD slots in 2021.
To culminate the 2019/20 Middle Leaders Programme and commence with a new cohort of aspiring leaders in Term 3 2020.
To embed the appraisal structure into the weekly PD sessions.
To work with the Character Education Team to improve the Westlake Induction Programme for new staff in 2020; both at the beginning of the year and mid-year.
To implement the inaugural year-long School Based Teacher Trainee Programme
Coaching Assistant Teachers
Re-ignite Bite Size PD

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