Wayne Goldsmith Presentations – 18th September

International coach and sports consultant, Wayne Goldsmith, is coming to school on September 18th. He will be giving two presentations, one for coaches and one for parents. To find out more about Wayne and to book tickets for either event, use the links below.


When – 18th September, 530pm

Where – Westlake Boys High School Staff room

Coaching is the art of inspiring change.
It’s about connecting with hearts and minds of athletes and inspiring them to see more, to be more and to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.
Coaching is so much more than laps, practice sessions, gym workouts and skills development.
It’s about helping people to find their passion and to realise their potential.
Come and be part of our Coaching session – “The Art and the Heart” – and learn what it takes to be an exceptional coach. You will discover what it is that great coaches do that makes them so remarkable and you’ll find out what you can do as a coach that can make the difference in the lives of every athlete you coach.

BOOK HERE https://wgcoaching.com/event/coaching-art-heart-2/ 



When – 18th September, 730pm

Where – Westlake Boys High School Staff room

We all love our kids. And we want them to grow up happy, healthy and with a real love of life.
We also wish and hope they’ll find a sport they love doing and do it well.
How do you help your child succeed in sport? What can you do to help your child realise their sporting potential? What are the ten critical moments you’ll face as a sporting parent when you need to be exceptional at parenting your child? Join us for 90 minutes talking about fun, fitness and families and discover just what it takes to be an outstanding Sporting Parent.

BOOK HERE https://wgcoaching.com/event/sporting-parents-ten-critical-moments-2/

About Wayne Goldsmith

With over 25 years in the industry international coach and sports consultant Wayne Goldsmith has worked with some of the world’s leading teams, and influenced the thinking of countless coaches and athletes. His work also extends to clubs and parents to ensure that they are providing the best environments for athletes to thrive and reach their potential.  To find out more please visit https://wgcoaching.com/