Westlake Production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, 26-30 July 2016

What: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
When: 26-30 July, 7.30pm – plus one Matinee on Saturday 30 July at 2.30pm (first week in Term 3)
Where: Westlake Boys Auditorium
Tickets: Adult $20; Student/Child $15; Family $50 – click here to order your tickets now!

In 2016 the world celebrates the 400th anniversary of the passing of arguably the greatest dramatic writer who ever lived: William Shakespeare. Westlake Boys’ and Westlake Girls’ have therefore combined once again to bring you William Shakespeare’s most popular and enduring comedy: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

This “…Dream”, however, will be quite different, as the production will incorporate both Physical Theatre and Tikanga/Te Ao Māori, to bring audiences a version of the play that is youthful, vital, energetic, playful and truly bicultural.

Unusually, the production will be played with the audience on three sides, partly simulating the experience of Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre. Furthermore, the first row of each of the three audience tiers will be “Rumpus Zones”, allowing audience members close contact with the actors, as if they were groundlings at the Globe Theatre.

The production is brought to you by the same students and creatives who staged the thought-provoking and multi-award winning “Assassins”, by Stephen Sondheim, in 2015.

Click here to order your tickets now!

Cast List

Mechanicals/Commedia Troupe
Hannah Clarke – Quince 1
Nick Curry – Quince 2
Joe Jackson – Bottom (all shows)
Sungmin Lee – Thisby (all shows)
Joshua Wang – Snug (lion) 1
Rafa Yam – Snug (lion) 2
Zach Klein – Snout (Wall) 1
Cody Stott – Snout (Wall) 2
Daniel Paek – Starveling (Moonshine) 1
Colby Wilson – Starveling (Moonshine) 2
The Lovers
Sarah Fouhy – Helena 1
Izzy Shield – Helena 2
Jessica Kim – Hermia 1
Ashley Wells – Hermia 2
Josh Song – Lysander 1
Daniel Lough – Lysander 2
Connor Charlesworth – Demetrius 1
Dylan Sommerville – Demetrius 2
The Fairy Kingdom
Melina Ariyani – Titania 1
Eimear Kelly – Titania 2
Jordan Te Aukura – Oberon 1
Abram Mathew – Oberon 2
Grant Zent – Puck 1
Angus Kelsey – Puck 2
Will Page – Puck U/S
Holly Powell – Moth 1
Emma Ormsby – Moth 2
Thira Syrkaul -– Mustardseed 1
Will Page – Mustardseed 2
Grace Abplanalp – Peasblossom 1
Grace Huxford – Peasblossom 2
Minnie Clemence-Levi – Cobweb 1
Erin Nugent – Cobweb 2
Emma Buckley – Fairy
Amy Baxter – Fairy
Emma Aitchison – Fairy
Sally Stroobant – Fairy
The Court
Matt Bullock – Theseus (all shows)
Laith Saeed – Egeus 1
Lily Davis – Egea 2
Paris Jagger – Hippolyta (all shows)
Megan Wilkie – Hippolyta U/S
Kirsten Daly – Philostrate (all shows)
Megan Wilkie – Philostrate U/S

Ensemble: Aidan Bonneau; Caitlin Sloane; Emma McGuigan; Georgia Calverley; Helen Zhang; Katie Yoon; Mae Everett; Milla Paterson; Nadia Saeed; Satine Finer-Neuhausen; Stefani Shaw; Sydney Clough; Allie Budge; Carmen Ellis; Jess Curry; Jessie Scott; Izzy Palmer; Kaylin Jacobs; Ruhi Dawad; Samantha Selby; Andre Vachias; Megan Wilkie and Matt Bruce.

A Midsummer Night's Dream poster Zach Keenan