Westlake Boys Rowing Presents: Hamish Bond and Eric Murray ‘The Kiwi Pair’, Saturday 10th September, 2.30pm

What: Hamish Bond and Eric Murray ‘The Kiwi Pair’
Book launch and Afternoon Tea presented by the Westlake Boys High School Rowing Society
When: Saturday 10th September 2016, 2.30pm
Where: Westlake Boys Auditorium
Tickets: $20 adult, $15 student, book now on iticket.co.nz/events/2016/sep/the-kiwi-pair
Order ‘The Kiwi Pair’  through iTICKET now* and your book will be signed by Hamish Bond and Eric Murray. *Please note that the cutoff date for book orders is Sunday 4th September.

Funds raised from this event will benefit the Westlake Boys Junior Rowing Programme.

9610_650_200Affectionately known as ‘The Kiwi Pair’, Hamish Bond and Eric Murray are as dominant a team as we’ve ever seen. Hamish is considered the most technically proficient rower of a generation, while Murray is known for his huge engine, having set an indoor rowing world record for 18,728 metres in one hour.

Yet, behind the harmony on the water is an intriguing dynamic. These are two very different people: one an introvert, one an extrovert. One works part time for a share-broking firm, one is a registered marriage celebrant. Both spend more time together than with their own wives. They finish each other’s sentences, yet it’s always been a love-hate relationship. “When I first met Eric I thought he was an egotistical boofhead”, recalls Hamish. Switching from coaching legend Dick Tonks to their current coach Noel Donaldson was never going to be controversy-free either.

Hamish and Eric certainly speak their minds, a candidness that is captured brilliantly in ‘The Kiwi Pair’.

  • Book Launch and Afetrnoon Tea – Q&A format with Westlaker, TV One Sports Editor, Worlds and Olympic Coxwain, Andy Hay
  • Books ordered through iTICKET will be signed by Hamish Bond and Eric Murray. Cutoff date for book orders is Sunday 4th September.

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