Rugby Results 2 July 2016

Westlake Boys 1st XV vs Rosmini College 1st XV

By Trey Tupu-South and images by Jack Hall, Ollie Jones and  Miss Tracey McKay

Rosmini managed to seize a close 15-13 victory over Westlake’s 1st XV this week, the tenth round of the 1st IV competition, thanks to the steely nerves and remarkable kicking ability of No.9 Conner Leather. The picture-perfect conditions helped Connor to convert 5 from 6 penalty kicks and in doing so devastate Westlake’s home field support.

After losing to Westlake earlier in the season, Rosmini demonstrated a clear determination to settle the score, utilizing the running strength of No.3 Leon Bongare to secure the front foot early on. Westlake’s defensive line performed impressively, with No.6 Tupou Afungia and No.13 Baylee Katipa performing powerful tackles, whilst No.14 Jack Fuller achieved numerous try saving tackles. Although Westlake performed well on defense, Rosmini were eventually awarded a penalty and another just one minute later. Leather converted both.

vs Rosmini2On the back of this, Westlake heightened their pressure and managed offensive momentum. After managing to enter the opposition’s 22 for the first time more than twenty minutes in, the team managed to score through the fast feet of No.12 Fine Inisi, who took a blindside pass from halfback Jack Heighton on the 22m  and slipped through a two metre gap for a clear stretch to the line. Inisi showed good intelligence by taking the ball under the posts to ensure his team the lead. No.10 Cooper Green converted the try, placing Westlake ahead 7-6. Connor stole the lead back with one last penalty kick in the first half  from forty metres. Just before halftime, ill-discipline saw Rosmini’s No.12 Taine Wattie and Westlake’s No.6 Tupou yellow-carded. After a flawless kicking performance by Leather, Rosmini took the 9-7 lead into halftime.

vs RosminiRosmini started the second half like the first with Connor extending the lead, executing another penalty kick.  Westlake created momentum of their own through the incredible performance of reserve kicker No.22 Keepa Wiki and Heighton, who punted for the corners to secure good field position. Westlake continued their assault through the running strength of No.3 Leon Thambarin and No.8 Lotu Inisi. Wiki capitalized with a penalty kick from 30m. After this, Keepa managed to take a one point lead from Rosmini with an amazing penalty from forty metres out and to the right side of the field. However, after forming a comeback,  Rosmini were awarded with a penalty, 20 metres away and directly in front of the posts. Connor converted and gave his team the lead in the dying stages of the game. Despite a last ditch attempt by Westlake, Rosmini’s No.6 Tamarau McGhan performed the most crucial play of the game, stripping the ball from Lotu Inisi to solidify victory.     

Westlake 13 Rosmini 15 (Half time 7-9)
Tries: Leon Fine Inisi
Conversion: Cooper Green (1)
Penalties: Keepa Wiki (1)

More photographs of the 1st XV match below.

Westlake Boys 4th XV vs Massey High School 3rd XV
Playing Massey away is always going to be a challenge and the Westlake fourths took it on in full stride. The visitors won the toss and chose to play down the slope, starting well with a converted try to returning prop Patrick Cochrane. This ignited Massey into action and as players fell off tackles the home team scored. Winger Ollie Warring scored a nice wide out try when he was placed into the open assisted by Ethan Schaumkel. Massey did not take long to score again closing the gap to 12 – 10. Then, in what was a key moment in the match, Ollie Warring charged down the conversion kick as he arrived at the kicking tee at the same time as the kicker’s boot hit the ball. It was the first time that coach Wedderburn has seen such a charge down. From there on, the fourths dominated the half, scoring two more tries with Graham Legge and Euan Grigor each scoring their maiden try. The latter was scored by the ball moving along the back line when Massey were down to 14 players in the final moments of the first half. It took the half time score to a very healthy looking 24 – 10 lead, a par score with the field advantage.

Playing uphill in the second half, the fourths held Massey out and as each minute ticked away, the game ebbed and flowed with both teams creating chances. Eventually Westlake scored thanks to Josh Marshall and managed to keep Massey scoreless until the 24h minute. In the final minutes Westlake were given a penalty directly in front of the sticks and wise heads prevailed as Josh Marshall took the kick to chew up the clock to ensure the victory. He completed a fine game with a try, two conversions and the penalty kick. The final act of the game was when Ashton Howard whacked the ball into touch to see the team take a hard fought, deserved 32 – 15 win. This fine defensive performance proved to be the winner of the day.  It was a true team victory and two of the fourth’s most consistent halves of the season to date. Next up the fourths face the challenge of competing against Westlake’s 3rd XV.

All Rugby Results

Team   Opposition Result Score
Westlake Boys 1st XV Rosmini College L 13-15
Westlake Boys 2nd XV Kristin School 1st XV W 32-7
Westlake Boys 3rd XV Glenfield College 1st XV W 80-0
Westlake Boys 4th XV Massey High School 3rd XV W 32-15
Westlake Boys 4A Aukland Grammar School L 3-38
Westlake Boys 5A Rangitoto College 5A W 62-0
Westlake Boys 5B Hobsonville Point Secondary School 5A L 7-32
Westlake Boys 6A Rosmini College 6A L 7-39
Westlake Boys 6B Whangaparoa College 6A L 17-60
Westlake Boys 7 Green Takapuna Grammar School 7A W 32-24
Westlake Boys 7 Red Rosmini College 7A L 12-24