ASB Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards 2016


Photo courtesy of Temposhot Photography

On Saturday 26th November, College Sport hosted their annual Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards at Eden Park. The YSPOTY Awards celebrates the top sports students that have been representing their schools at Premier level. Guest speaker, 2016 Olympic medallist and Pole Vaulter, Eliza McCartney also addressed the 600 people in the audience about her experience of performing in Rio and thoughts on training and competing.

Westlake are always well represented at this event and 2016 was no exception.

In total we had 18 boys at the event who were nominated in their specific code, meaning they are considered to be in the top three performers in the city. From this group of 18, seven went on to win their respective categories.

These students were:

Oscar Guo – Badminton
Daniel Hoy – Distance Running
Matthew Lucente – Squash
Zae Wallace – Rugby League
Jason Churches – Swimming
Daniel Hoy – Triathlon
Ashton Howard – Volleyball

The final part of proceedings is the overall Young Sportsman of the Year. We were delighted to have three students (Dan Hoy, Oscar Guo and Zae Wallace) in the final selection of 10.

This year our Westlake Sportsman of the Year, Dan Hoy, was announced as the overall Young Sportsman of the Year for 2016. This was in recognition of Dan’s three National Title wins this year, his 4th finish at the U19 World Triathlon Championships and his wins on the Senior Triathlon circuit.

Dan joins Westlakers  Michael Bullot (2001), Rob Loe (2009), Tai Webster (2012) and Jack Salt (2013) as a winner of this prestigious award.

A fantastic evening for the school and a justification of all of the commitment, hard work and dedication that so many people put into our programme.

Photographs from the evening can be found at: