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The sport of Table Tennis is very popular at Westlake Boys, with over 50 teams that play each Friday evening in the North Harbour competition making us the largest Table Tennis school in New Zealand with over 200 registered players. Table Tennis is played at the Table Tennis stadium in Northcote through terms 2 and 3 each year.

Currently we are the North Harbour, the Auckland and the National Champions – the first time a school has won all three of these prestigious trophies in a single season. It is our goal this season to repeat this feat. Our Premier team consists of the following players:

  • Victor Pollett is the current NZ schools u/15 singles champion and represented NZ at the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships in India earlier this year.
  • Victor Ma is the top-ranked u/15 player in Oceania.
  • Roger Wang is ranked 2nd in NZ u/15 and was captain of the u/15 Oceania team in 2012.
  • Leroy Gov, our captain is ranked 7th in North Harbour.
  • In addition, all these boys play for the North Harbour Representative teams as well as Kane Lu, Tianyi Yu, Wilfred Lan(u/18), Andrew Mei, Chris Jeong, Nicholas Lin, Stefan Durankski(u/15) and Shawn Tang(u/13).

Teacher in charge: Mr Mike Lee

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Table Tennis News