Westlake Boys Ceremonial Archway

The fundraising campaign for the Westlake Ceremonial Archway has been very successful to date. The archway sculpture collaboration of well-known corrugated iron sculptor Jeff Thomson with former Head of Art, Dugald Page and current Head of Art, Mark Masterton is now in consenting stage prior to construction and installation early 2016.

Archway with Westlake wordsThe imposing, 5 metre high Westlake Archway has been designed by Westlake old boy and renown sculptor Jeff Thomson. The curved, galvanised steel structure featuring plasma-cut words representative of Westlake’s culture, will grace our school entrance for decades to come and, we anticipate, will quickly become a well-known landmark on the North Shore landscape. Click on the link to view the Archway presentation for more information.

All students commencing their studies at Westlake Boys High School will walk through the archway on their first day at school and will not step under it again until their graduation day, several years later.

There is still an opportunity to contribute $500 or more to this project and choose a “Westlake word” that will be part of the sculpture forever. All major donors will be acknowledged on a plaque situated adjacent to the sculpture. Contact Vicki Fowler on [email protected] for more information or click here to download the Westlake Archway donation form.