Westlake Boys Annual Mother Son Breakfast, SOLD OUT!

Mothers’ Day is this Sunday!

Dads and sons TAKE NOTE – we’ve got the answer for the perfect gift for Mum!

“5 ‘Outside-The-Box’ Tips For Living An Awesome Life” with Professor Grant Schofield


What: Westlake Boys’ Annual Mother Son Breakfast
When: Thursday 12th May 2016, 6.45 am
Where: Westlake Boys’ High School Auditorium
Guest Speaker: Westlaker, Professor Grant Schofield
Guests: All students, mothers, grandmothers or female role models are invited to attend the 2016 Mother Son Breakfast.
Tickets: $25 per person from the Uniform Shop. Click here for your ticket order form.

The Westlake Boys’ Mother Son Breakfast event is a special, once a year occasion that offers an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your son/s, enjoying a delicious breakfast specially prepared by the very talented Westlake Boys’ Rowing Group parents.

This year’s guest speaker is Westlaker Grant Schofield (WBHS 1982-1986), Professor of Public Health and Director of the Human Potential Centre at Auckland University of Technology. You may have seen Grant interviewed on TV or speaking at TEDx Auckland on the findings of one of his many studies e.g. the benefits of playground risk responsibility.

Grant is a man of many talents and, apart from competitive duathlon and triathlon, in which he represented New Zealand at World Championships and Ironman, his foremost passion in life is investigating the Science of Human Potential i.e. finding out how we can ‘be the best we can be’. His research and teaching interests range from understanding and improving lifestyle behaviours such as sleep, nutrition, and physical activity, to well-being epidemiology and human performance. He’s not afraid to ‘think outside the box’ when tackling the big health problems of our times.


Known for ‘challenging current beliefs’ in his field, Grant’s current project base and large group of talented postgraduate thesis students show an exciting range of such challenges. We have no doubt that his ‘5 Tips To Living An Awesome Life’ will be just what the doctor ordered for an entertaining breakfast treat for mums and their sons. Read Grant’s 2014 ‘Featured Westlaker’ profile here.

TICKETS HAVE NOW SOLD OUT. Tickets are $25 per person payable by cash/Eftpos/Visa or MasterCard. Ticket sales will close next Tuesday, 10th May 1.30pm. If you wish to pay by cash or eftpos please complete the form available here and return it to the Uniform Shop in Student Services for payment. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call the Uniform Shop on 410 8667 ext. 806 between 9am and 2pm on school days.

We appreciate that, for your sons, it’s likely to be the temptation of an irresistible breakfast that will get them out of bed early! You’ll find details (and photos!) of the menu items here.

We look forward to seeing you and your sons, and perhaps their grandmothers and/or aunties, at the 2016 Westlake Mother Son Breakfast on Thursday 12th May, a few days after Mother’s Day.

Dads, you won’t miss out on your special event this year – the Westlake Boys’ Annual Father Son Breakfast is scheduled for Thursday 7th July 2016. Please add the date to your calendar now!

If you have any queries regarding this event please contact the Event Manager Christine O’Dowd on 410 8667 ext 786 or [email protected]